2017 to 2021 - What a Crazy Journey

General / 24 May 2021

What a crazy journey,  I decide few years ago ( 5 Years ) to focus on 3D In Self Taught, and I'm learning everyday, to get better & better,  sometimes hard to deal with personal life, friends & family, but it's rewarding, really, when you see the things growing, see people enjoying your art, share your art, this have no price. 

Special thank's here, for the Artstation community, today, I reach 26.7K Followers on Artstation, and it's growing day after day, it's insane, Since 2 Years, my work get a really cool visibility, sometimes hard to understand all the support behind and damn, so motivating, each project, I try to push myself to make cool things. 

I'm still at the start of my Career, I know it, I'm 25 Years old, and, sometimes, I'm telling me, in 5 Years, how this will turn, how many people will see my work, will know my work and maybe support me in the future, sometimes it give me a crazy pressure, but still a crazy source of motivation. 

I receive, tons of message, on how to break, how to make things popular and get an audience, to be honest, hardworking is the key, It will always paid off one day, trust me. 

Thank's again, see you soon for the next project ! and, Take care ;)

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Road to 30K followers end of year ? ;p

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General / 20 May 2021

30 Belt / Strap IMM Brush Available on Marketplace !

General / 26 December 2020

Hey Guys, 

I make a Selection of Belt / Strap Brush, I use them for my Personal project 

Perfect to easily detail your character, Highly custom-able, with the zmodeler, work with Dynamic Subdiv and Divide etc.

Hope you will find it useful :)


The Product on Artstation Marketplace 



Thank's for the Support !


Work In Progress / 11 August 2020

Hello :) 

Some WIP shot of my new project ;) 

Time to work on my serial of cyberpunk girl ( CyberGirl made in 2019 : Luna // Lily // Helen )  


 I really want to make it incredible in term of detail, and style, I'm working hard on it. I will make a clay version & also a lookdev version.

Everything is in a early stage, still a lot to do here, and fix/improve

Hope to finish it before end of month and post the clay version on Artstation ! 


It's so great to work on this serial of character, When I start 3D, I start with this kind of stuff, and it's a good way to show my evolution through the years. 

Follow the wip post on Instagram www.instagram.com/dylan.kowalski.artwork/ 

My Work For Grimes

General / 25 July 2020

Hey Guys :)


Today, wanna talk about the work I did for Grimes in The Face Magazine, 

I never post this project on my Artstation, I think blog post section is perfect for that. I really want to speak about this !

So, earlier this year, I was contacted by The Face Magazine, to collaborate with us on their Interview with Grimes

Funny thing is, Grimes follow me on Instagram, and she contact the magazine to work with me. It was crazy, as I know well the work for Grimes and it was few weeks after her music for Cyberpunk 2077 on the Game Awards show. 

The coolest thing here, is Grimes have a crazy universe, I really like how she turn her music video, and influences she take. 

The Idea here, was to work on her ''avatar'', the model was created by her brother, and had scans of her tatoo & skin ( redoing all the tattoos would have been hell haha ). 

I had to make every single picture of her, to illustrate the interview, and the most important thing, make the Cover of the Magazine. 

I also was in charge to recreate, two of Balenciaga Dress. 

Few words about the process. 

Let's speak a little about the process and how I proceed to make everything in the right time, first, I had to work on a model who already exist, the model got no rig information, & was in T-pose. 

First thing, was to rework a little the model, I send it in zbrush & try to push it a little. Without break the UV information ( to keep scan textures ) and build different subdivision history, to be more flexible during the project, for rigging, baking..

The Idea, was to import It into substance Painter, and bake it to get 4k textures map ( All the scans was in 2K resolution ). And rework in depth all the textures, upscale every tattoos, and then, yes, paint over on tattoos...  to have better resolution everywhere. 

After that, I build the both dress on Marvelous Designer, it was crazy & also challenging, when you recreate this type of clothes ( The gold one ) you really need to gather many reference you can, and try to fit to the original design. 

The gold dress was the most difficult part of this project, it's really not something you make often in 3D, this kind of aluminium feeling is really hard to make. To get this kind of effect, after I got the shape on Marvelous designer, I sculpt every details in zbrush, to get the most detail possible, and extract them in Substance Painter. If I remember, the dress got almost 15+ Udim tile, just to get details everywhere :') .

Last thing was to get a rig, and have a collection of poses, I made 5+ different pose for all the different shot I had to do. 

All the rigging was build on Maya & all the final images was rendered in Arnold.

It was a crazy opportunity for me, I'm really happy to be a central part of this project ! 

Hope you like it guys, don't hesitate to tell me your thoughts about this :)

~~ Sorry for my English  :') ~~ 

Have nice day, hope everything going well for you, in these hard times !





Shinobi project_ Wip_Shaded Version

General / 22 July 2020

Hey guys :) 

First, thank you all for your support with my last project ! 

The Shinobi project got crazy number of comment and engagement, it's just crazy, really, and gives me strength to finish it !

Just can't wait to finish this one with the shaded version ! 

Then Today, it's time to show you on what i'm working on, it's still in progress, and still need a lot of work before finish it and deliver the final.

Hope you like it ;) 

Shading test in Arnold Render


Work In progress - Shading test in Substance Painter


It's not lot of wip pictures, haha, but I like the Idea to keep everything secret, and deliver the best I can for the final ! I just wanna show you that things are coming slowly

Have a nice week and send you my strength for your project & stuff ! 

Zmodeler Workflow with Zbrush

General / 19 July 2020

Hello Guys,

Few month ago I share a video, to show how I proceed to create a shield, with the zmodeler from zbrush.

The video has not crazy editing, it was just to show some zmodeler workflow. Sorry for that.

I really want to create more video like this, with a better editing and diverse subject, don't hesitate to tell me your thought about this !

Have a nice day ~  

30 Hair Brush available on Marketplace

News / 10 July 2020

Hey guys,

When I create the Shinobi Project ( https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1888eL ) I was able to create all the brush for the Hair, with custom parameter, to get the result I want and have control on every aspect.

Then I make few iterations to get you this 30 Hair brush pack ! 

I really want to build something different than the other hair brush you can find on internet, with different part & size of hair in the same brush, that allows you to create variations in your hair style.

Hope you will find it useful ! 


The product on Artstation Marketplace : 



  Thank's for the support ! 

ART WAR 4 - Thunder Warrior

General / 11 January 2020


I'm so hyped to announce I will take part of the Art War 4 challenge by Cubebrush ! 

First time joining a challenge like that, so cool to see other artist  work and process, and happy to take a part on it ! 

If you want to see the work in process post on Cubebrush there is the link : https://forums.cubebrush.co/t/art-war-4-3d-war-of-the-elements-thunder-warrior-dylan-kowalski/8290

Latest picture I post on Cubebrush ! 

See you on Cubebrush guys ! https://forums.cubebrush.co/t/art-war-4-3d-war-of-the-elements-thunder-warrior-dylan-kowalski/8290 


2019 Recap ! What a crazy year

General / 27 December 2019

2019 in one word is impossible, what a crazy year

I started my freelance career the 1st January 2019, learn tons of new tricks and way to work

It was a zBrush focus &  learning the real time rendering workflow ! 

I enjoy working on the Luna & Lilly Project, was so hard and satisfying at the same time! 


Can't wait to start 2020, I will focus on head and body detail, work more the anatomy ( something hard for me ) and tons of new shit coming soon.

Thank's for the support, really,  more than 6k follower in a year, was crazy and give me strength all during the year. 

See you in 2020 !