Shinobi project_ Wip_Shaded Version

General / 22 July 2020

Hey guys :) 

First, thank you all for your support with my last project ! 

The Shinobi project got crazy number of comment and engagement, it's just crazy, really, and gives me strength to finish it !

Just can't wait to finish this one with the shaded version ! 

Then Today, it's time to show you on what i'm working on, it's still in progress, and still need a lot of work before finish it and deliver the final.

Hope you like it ;) 

Shading test in Arnold Render


Work In progress - Shading test in Substance Painter


It's not lot of wip pictures, haha, but I like the Idea to keep everything secret, and deliver the best I can for the final ! I just wanna show you that things are coming slowly

Have a nice week and send you my strength for your project & stuff !