Work In Progress / 11 August 2020

Hello :) 

Some WIP shot of my new project ;) 

Time to work on my serial of cyberpunk girl ( CyberGirl made in 2019 : Luna // Lily // Helen )  


 I really want to make it incredible in term of detail, and style, I'm working hard on it. I will make a clay version & also a lookdev version.

Everything is in a early stage, still a lot to do here, and fix/improve

Hope to finish it before end of month and post the clay version on Artstation ! 


It's so great to work on this serial of character, When I start 3D, I start with this kind of stuff, and it's a good way to show my evolution through the years. 

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Skirt - WIP + Free MD Pattern File Download

Work In Progress / 19 April 2019


Was the time to learn Marvelous Designer, was nice experience and I can only recommend Madina Chionidi , Her tutorial is Dope ! Go check it out guys ! 

Still in Progress ~ 


Pattern on Marvelous Designer 8 


If you want to download the Marvelous Designer file, to explore, see the parameters, simulation properties, It's free ~ 



Skirt on Substance Painter 





The texture for the skirt is part of my  72 Smart Materials for Substance Painter , Feel free :) 

Thanks for reading this don't hesitate to share it, maybe it can help people around you :)

LUNA - Project -- Work In Progress

Work In Progress / 14 January 2019

Happy new year everyone ! 

I started new project since start of the year, It will be my 2nd character base mesh & 3D model i will put on my Store. 

It's start of new year for everyone, and  new start for me, I wanna upgrade my skill & my sensibility as a 3D Artist. I work hard for it !


All the render are made in real time in Marmoset Toolbag 3.

Software Used : zBrush - Mari - Maya - Substance Painter - Xgen - Marmoset Toolbag 

Can't wait to show you more guys, and also, thank's for your support !

_____ _____