2017 to 2021 - What a Crazy Journey

General / 24 May 2021

What a crazy journey,  I decide few years ago ( 5 Years ) to focus on 3D In Self Taught, and I'm learning everyday, to get better & better,  sometimes hard to deal with personal life, friends & family, but it's rewarding, really, when you see the things growing, see people enjoying your art, share your art, this have no price. 

Special thank's here, for the Artstation community, today, I reach 26.7K Followers on Artstation, and it's growing day after day, it's insane, Since 2 Years, my work get a really cool visibility, sometimes hard to understand all the support behind and damn, so motivating, each project, I try to push myself to make cool things. 

I'm still at the start of my Career, I know it, I'm 25 Years old, and, sometimes, I'm telling me, in 5 Years, how this will turn, how many people will see my work, will know my work and maybe support me in the future, sometimes it give me a crazy pressure, but still a crazy source of motivation. 

I receive, tons of message, on how to break, how to make things popular and get an audience, to be honest, hardworking is the key, It will always paid off one day, trust me. 

Thank's again, see you soon for the next project ! and, Take care ;)

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Road to 30K followers end of year ? ;p