Eline - ☾ - 3080.AD

Eline, was a project started in August, So happy to give it an End ( there is a clay version on my Artstation too )
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What is 3080 A.D ? ☾
Back to 2018, I created an artwork called 3080.A.D, it's a kind of IP, a Universe I want to create, since this time I build multiple character who enter in this, I love the idea to have a common artistic direction between them, and who follow my experience in 3D, My evolution through the years. Happy to see that I get it lot of maturity in making since the time, Iv'e build a scenario behind, In term, in few years, want to develop this for something bigger. So be ready to see few work around this big project.

Thank's for reading this, and damn, thank's for the support.